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    After 5 months of checking the crackberry site nearly every day. Ive finalyy decided to register! should of done it earlier.. However I do not own a blackberry YET! Im tired of watching you tube videos trying to help me make up my mind. Im 80% sure ill decdied to go with the 8900. BUt afew quezzys, hope someone can help.

    Ok I 'wont' really be using my blackberry for emails to often, and I hope i wont be using it for the net either.

    I will however be using it for the music, the calender and tasks section,
    txting friends with the full querty pad. I guess there the main things. So is it worth me getting one? I have an old samsung g600 worst phone ive ever bought EVER. I never have it switched on as theres nothing to do.

    The kind of apps i would get woud be weather, world maps, games, and radio.

    Also Im used to using radio so was wondering are there good apps so i can listen to all my local stations. Im in the UK and would love to be able to listen to international radio stations from other countrys. That i usually have to open with winamp on my pc. Would i be able to listen to them on a blackberry.

    Other than being a great internet and email phone is it worth it for the average phone user? I want a phone, diary, photo holder, music all in one really but im worried im jsut following the crowed. I have NO blackberry today but am definatly a crackbery blackberry who is having nightmares about them.

    Or can anyone advise me would the bold or wait around for the niagra .

    Oh so confusing :S

    Oh p.s whats the sound quality like on the 8900 music.

    Great to be a member cant wait to joing in the convo
    04-24-09 08:07 AM
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    "Niagara"?.... Gonna have to look that up and check it out. I'm guessing you're with Tmo too since you're asking about the 8900... Figures they would be coming out with a new one soon after I bought mine. LoL... I have had my 8900 for about 2 months now and had the storm before it. I really dig the 8900, but I've never seen a radio app for it and I know it didn't come on it new. but that's not to say there isn't one out there.... I'll have to do some "investigating" now. Welcome to the forum and, if u go w/ a berry, welcome to the addiction!!

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    04-24-09 08:28 AM
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    Ooops.... 4got to answer ur last "quezzy", lol.... The sound on the 8900 is remarkably clear. I mean, its no bose wave radio, but not bad for a mobile phone. If you have bluetooth on ur stereo its nice too.... It comes with a dual earbud but I recommend buying an aftermarket pair somewhere... These aren't to comfortable after a while if you use the music player a lot (as I do)

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    04-24-09 08:34 AM
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    The Niagara is going to be a CDMA phone for Verizon so it will differ from the GSM 8900. The 8900 is a great phone I've had it for a month and it's just great. The speaker that can play music is pretty good quality for it being the speaker for the speaker phone. It has a headphone jack as well. I'd recommend getting a 1gb or larger MicroSD card for it so you can load it with music. Now the weather apps, radio (Slacker Radio) will require a data plan and you'll probably learn to love getting your email, and web.

    EDIT: Yeah don't use the headphones that come with it, unless you like listening to your music though tin cans.
    04-24-09 08:38 AM
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    haha thanks huys, ah i would o replied sooner but i lost my post! i couldnt remember where i posted!!! great cheers for that
    04-28-09 06:08 PM
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    Iheartradio is a free radio client for bb's I'm in south carolina and listening to a los angeles station right now on my 8900, btw go for it. The phone rocks

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    04-28-09 06:42 PM
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    Sound is awesome on the 8900. When I'm not on calls I'm listening to music. My mp3s sound great on here & iheartradio & Slacker radio are great. I have Pandora too but it's very finicky and doesn't always load.

    Truth be told, the stock stereo headset that comes with the handset is great for listening to music. I still use it sometimes but prefer the Zagg.com stereo headsets. Great quality and comfort for all the BB listening pleasure.
    04-29-09 08:53 PM
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    I say get tha 8900 not just cuz i have one but bcuz it does everything ur askin 4. I wasnt into emailin like that until i got mine (just cuz I find it easier to transfer files and pics that way.) B4 i got mine i was much like urself I had a samsung blast which now pales in comparison 2 tha 8900. I wasnt sure if i should get it at first but I'm glad i did. U may not use tha net so much now but u will after lol.
    Radio is awesum u will have so many options 2 chose from i use slacker and flycast both r good.
    Plus u dont have 2 stress tha earfone thing cuz u can any u love earfone on ya fone for listening to radio and calls!!

    I have a 8gb memory card so when ma mp3 player dies on me i use ma fone.

    I hope i help u out sum. And dont stress about followin a crowd I always great minds think alike.
    04-30-09 02:16 AM
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    Sounds like you need an iPhone 3G instead of a Blackberry... the iphone 3G has a more user friendly interface and easy to use. App Store can give you all the possible software needs.

    A Blackberry would be more customizable phone and business oriented. The main feature for a BB is the Push email.

    Also, if you want to listen to international radio online with your phone, make sure you have a 3G service. Only the 3G service can do streaming and call at the same time. If you are streaming with EDGE (8900), you may lost a lot of phone calls because the EDGE cannot allow data and voice running at the same time.
    04-30-09 02:21 AM