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    Hi BB experts,

    I am still new to the whole BB interface, just got a curve 8900 today from rogers and unlock it for my fido sim. (I don't have a data plan)

    1. NOW my problem is, I can't seem to locate blackberry maps anywhere in the phone. And when i go blackberry.com/maps to download the maps application, it says my phone isn't supported.

    2. i downloaded both google maps and gmail, but when i start the application, it tells me it can't connect to the internet.

    3. when i choose to turnoff the mobile network, leaving the wifi on. The top right corner of home screen changed to UMA, is this talkspot?, am i getting charge using it?


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    I don't have all the answers, but here are some insights;

    1. I had the same problem, BB maps was on there initially when the rogers stuff got loaded on it OTA. However I accidentally deleted it when upgrading data & settings from my old BB. I couldn't get it back (unsupported device issue same as you), so I downloaded Google maps instead.

    2. I have Google maps working fine.

    3. You are using rogers UMA through wi-fi. If you subscribe to rogers Talkspot you get the unlimited package. If you don't subscribe, you just use your regular minutes as per your rogers cell plan.
    12-16-08 12:38 AM
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    1. fido has no bis, so bb map doesnt work becoz it has no service book pushed by the provider (fido), service book is kinda a "driver" for software, if you are with fido, you cannot use bb map, just use google map as an alternative

    2. assuming you have fido data plan, then go to options, set your tcp as internet.fido.ca, leave password and login blank, set google map to use tcp, it should work

    3. if you have uma plan with fido, it should cost something like $15 or $20 per month flat rate unlimited wifi calling, if you do, no extra charge, if you dont have that plan, i dunno if they can trace your call and charge you, contact fido to make sure

    fido + blackberry isnt a good option, im going to switch to rogers in a few days to get the 8900 and use its full potential, eventho i have to give up my grandfathered cityfido plan + 6gb data
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