1. fins831's Avatar
    Just got my first blackberry, an 8900 and am loving it so far.

    Few questions....

    Is Beejive the new name for jive talk? Ive heard many good things about jive talk.

    What are the differences between the two (beejive and IM+ all in one mobile messenger)? Which can use without data plans but with wifi, which uses data or sms?

    Why is IM+ so expensive, 49.99 and beejive just 19 or 29 dollars?

    Which do you use and why?

    FYI - I will eventually be getting a data plan whenever I get a job, being laid off had me cut back, but I hope to have a job within a month, but til then, I am always in a wifi area at my apt, on campus, airport, and my family's house. I want to know which app is best suited for me since I want to use it over wifi, or if one uses SMS?

    01-26-09 11:00 PM
  2. aristile's Avatar
    I like Beejive and yes it is the same thing as jive talk. I think they both work over BIS but I'm not sure about that so don't quote me. Basically I picked it because it was relatively inexpensive, looks great and had all the clients I needed. I tried the demo before I purchased it. I would recommend purchasing the multi-license option so you won't have to fork over any more cash if/when you upgrade your phone.
    01-26-09 11:19 PM
  3. fins831's Avatar
    what is BIS? feel so dumb for asking
    01-26-09 11:46 PM
  4. aristile's Avatar
    BIS = Blackberry Internet Services, the Blackberry data plan.
    01-26-09 11:50 PM