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    Ok, this is probably a classic thread but I need your info on this. I recently blacked out my 8320 with an 8330 housing and while I was traveling to another part of the world some guy fell in love with my curve and willing to pay big $$ for it. Since I still have an 8310 for back up and thinking that was a good deal I decided to let it go *teary eyed*.
    So now with the $$ I can afford an unlocked 8520 (I travel a lot so I need an unlocked one) but I also interested in 8900, which is about $100 more expensive but I wasn't so sure what makes it more expensive and does it worth the $? I'm not familiar with those two so any info would really help.
    Oh, I know that 83xx and 8520 use the same type of battery so if I go with 8520 I can swap battery with my 8310 whenever needed, that's a start right
    Thanks in advance.

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    09-11-09 01:44 PM
  2. IowaGuyBB's Avatar
    I think you should hold both devices and play around with both for no less then an hour. Ultimatly it is in your hands so only you know if you will be happy with it or not!

    09-11-09 01:56 PM
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    Oh yes that would be nice, but I was thinking about buying online since I need an unlocked one..

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    09-11-09 02:05 PM
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    What do you mainly use your berry for? Email, internet, apps?

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    09-11-09 02:20 PM
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    Well, all of them lol, but mostly for emails, bbm and chat, light browsing, and music player while on the go. I rarely use the camera because of the quality, but sometimes its needed for mms or sending photos of my projects by email.

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    09-11-09 02:35 PM
  6. dragonsamus's Avatar
    Go for the 8900. It has a better camera and better screen over the 8520. Besides that, the processor is the same I think. Also, the 8520 has the trackpad vs the 8900s trackball. Go for the 8900. You won't be disappointed.

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    09-11-09 03:34 PM
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    Oh thanks for the suggestion, somebody just bump an old thread with the same topic in 8520 forum I'll head over there and get more info

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    09-12-09 03:10 AM
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    Well upta you but id go with the 8520 same ram and processing speed as a 8900 for 100 bucks less you get a not as great camera and not as great screen thats it, Instead you get a trackpad and imho i think the 8520 is much sexier I have a tour right now and am bringing it back to verizon telling them to cancel my service walking into a tmobile buying a 8520 unlocking it and going through einstein wireless(local)
    09-12-09 04:49 AM
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    Yes the bucks is also my concern, and trackpad sounds maintenance free. You got a tour and going for a 8520? Wow that's new.

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    09-12-09 04:59 AM
  10. sublime187's Avatar
    8900 is a better device
    09-12-09 05:30 AM
  11. redf239's Avatar
    id say the 8900 becuase its sexy aha,idk, i have a tour and they look alike,well a little bit, not much pretty much only the top :P, so thats where they get it(the sexyness) from XD. and the 8900 feels like a very nice and solid device, tried out a couple, one at the tmobile store and one that my cousin has and he loves his, and says he hasn't had any problems with it. plus if u get the 8900 u can put os.5.0 on it and have threaded sms and more . idk...just sayin :]
    09-12-09 05:53 AM
  12. 7thsunday's Avatar
    FYI I have threaded sms on my 8320 running and bbm5 running seamlessly with it

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    09-12-09 06:13 AM
  13. hamptonhiroshi57's Avatar
    8900 EIGHTnineZEROzero fo sho
    09-16-09 04:39 PM
  14. 7thsunday's Avatar
    Ok guys, I just got back from the store I was going to get the 8900 but unfortunately it were out of stock, left only the Tour, the Bold, and the Gemini. Not too interested with Bold, and the Tour was umm.. okay but a bit too pricey for me so after playing around with the trackpad I decided to get the 8520. I think it looks kinda sexy and the trackpad is the BOMB. 8900 should have this trackpad then it would be perfect.Thanks all for the suggestion
    09-18-09 07:43 AM
  15. OskahOfDisastah's Avatar
    Wait! u should wait a month or 2 t-mobile and at&t is going to have the new bold, i would get that I like the style a lot. but if u dont like it i would get the 8900 from t-mobile, i think it looks better than the at&t 8900
    09-18-09 09:47 AM