1. marioval's Avatar
    So my wife just got her Curve 8530 Verizon. She previously has the Pearl 8130 and really liked those icons compared to the ones on the Curve. Is there a way to get a whole new icon set similar to the ones on the Pearl? If not similar to the Pearl she is willing to try any other icon set. Thanks
    08-27-10 07:42 AM
  2. diegonei's Avatar
    Just gotta find a 4.5 based theme for the 8530, you can probably find one on the themes board, or if you wanna get on her favors (always useful when you have a wife) build one your own using theme builder. All the icons you need are there and you could do some tweaking... adding stuff on her favorite color...

    Good luck!
    08-27-10 08:28 AM