1. edmaddict's Avatar
    Well just recently (less than 15 minutes ago) my brand new Curve 8320 with Rogers went for a spill into a sink full of water. Thankfully I was able to pull it out almost immediately and dry it off.

    I tried turning the phone back on and it shut off almost immediately after booting up. I pulled the battery and that battery and phone are sitting in a bag of minute rice.

    My question is I noticed 2 blue dots inside the back of the phone ... one is located right next to where the SIM card sits and the other appears to be over top of a screw hole and then I found the litmus paper which has just slightly has a hint of red in one corner.

    My question is what are these blue dots? Are they also to indicate water damage?
    08-24-10 02:22 AM
  2. Nybie's Avatar
    My phone has those blue dots too, and has never been near or submerged in water. So it's nothing to do with water damage. Probably just some random markeers for something?

    Also I'd leave your phone for at least a day before turning it back on... Give it lots of chance to dry. Hopefully it will recover (I once washed an old sony ericson phone in the washing machine and it survived apart from a slight mark under the screen - which slowly dried out).
    08-24-10 03:56 AM
  3. edmaddict's Avatar
    Well after 48 hours in a bag of Minute Rice along with the battery the only damage appears to be a small area of pink on the corner of the litmus paper and everything else seems to be working fine.

    I guess its a good thing it was a new phone, nice and sealed *phew*

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    08-26-10 03:01 AM
  4. LilacBleeds's Avatar
    glad it is working again
    08-26-10 07:06 AM