1. beedonk's Avatar
    Since the 9700 forum SUCKS, and NO ONE answers any freaking questions, I'm sticking to the 8520 forums.

    Bought the 9700 off a friend, he's leaving for the marines and won't need his phone anymore.
    Excellent condition, not a scratch. Awesome.. accept the volume down button doesn't work at all. I use my phone for an mp3 player constantly so this a a rather HUGE annoyance for me.
    Looks like I need some good ole' diegonei advice.
    07-18-10 08:02 PM
  2. mangcool's Avatar
    So, it doesn't work on any app? Or just when you're playing mp3?

    I don't know if a battery pull will hep, but give it a try.

    If it doesn't work on any app, battery pull won't help, it's probably a hardware issue.
    07-18-10 08:30 PM
  3. beedonk's Avatar
    Nope, it doesn't work during phone calls, video players, or mp3. Its screwed.
    07-18-10 08:45 PM
  4. tbmasters's Avatar
    Have 8520, volume was stuck at 100% none the less. Did the take battery out and all that stuff. Nothing. Found this- Go to Menu-settings-options-screen/keyboard- scroll down to 'key tone' and turn it to 'on'. Now when you hit any key you will hear a tone. I turned music on so I could see the volume and sure enough I was able to lower the volume with the buttons. I went back to settings and turned key tone off and my volume buttons still work.
    07-21-10 12:27 PM
  5. rental's Avatar
    Thanks tbmasters.... this trick worked for me. My volume down button now works... cheers,
    08-24-10 02:29 PM
  6. skinnes's Avatar
    Likewise - thanks, Tpmasters!
    The keytone on-off trick worked perfectly on my 8520 whose volume+ button just stopped working without apparent reason.
    And there was I thinking it was a hardware fault....
    06-28-11 06:56 AM
  7. Ryan_J_F's Avatar
    Thanks TBMasters! This worked for my Bold 9700. When reading this thread, I had zero confidence that this would work for me. I thought for sure my problem was hardware-related. My Decrease Volume button would work flawlessly, but my Increase button had suddenly all but stopped working completely. I figured I had nothing to lose by trying the procedure you mentioned, and it worked like a dream.
    08-14-11 10:08 PM
  8. Ryan_J_F's Avatar
    Scratch that, this only worked for me for about twelve hours. The problem is back. Unfortunately, reattempting this procedure no longer works for me. I am considering disassembling my phone to see if I can fix the button - it's got to be a hardware issue.
    08-18-11 09:27 PM
  9. khalid22's Avatar
    thank you and now it work
    01-24-12 07:50 PM
  10. help_gq's Avatar
    i tried this but which buttons do you press to turn the volume down?
    11-12-12 04:08 PM
  11. John Wilson1's Avatar
    Yep Worked on my 9650 as well. Ketone was not selected after a refurbished phone was delivered. Morons.
    01-31-13 08:35 AM
  12. CellFixTech's Avatar
    Have you tried changing your middle house? its normally the "button" inside that doesnt connect with the board. it does have 3 legs that need to touch the motherboard in order to work, or if you can open your phone, try bending the legs to the right position like the rest of the buttons.
    05-09-14 02:56 AM