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    Ermm well. In August last year I took out a 24month contract with Vodafone Australia with a BlackBerry Storm 9500. Back then I didn't really know a lot about BlackBerry and it appealed to me because of the plan (the unlimited BIS mostly) and if I'd known I wouldn't have picked the Storm originally.

    Anyway the Storm broke. Vodafone said they could only give me a new Storm? so not wanting that I bought a new Curve 8520 factory unlocked out the box from MobileCiti (who are very good btw).

    And I kinda maybe accidentally broke the case? It cracked on the side when I dropped it and all the plastic has just peeled off around the top around the screen exposing the inner workings of my BB. I've popped it in a rubber skin... and it looks fine but it's peeling more.

    What could/should I do? Would it be easy to twist Vodafone's arm into giving me a new Curve 9300 ...as it's less value than the Storm 9500 anyway which came in at around $600 over the 24 months, the Curve significantly less? Or should I try and get a new one on the warranty of the 8520 if I can find the info as it's like a 12 month manufacturers warranty? I just don't want anything to happen to the phone as a result of the case being damaged. Yeah.
    02-03-11 06:24 PM
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    Damage from a drop will not be covered by warranty. Warranties are for manufacturing defects. This is obviously not a defect caused by the manufacturer.

    If you are willing to do a little google searching, new cases can be found pretty cheap. You should be able to find videos on you tube that can walk you through the process of repairing your phone.

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    02-04-11 04:25 PM
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    I think even ebay has them on there, good luck!

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    02-06-11 08:10 AM