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    I just upgraded my Curve 8520. I have Caller ID Reader, and Drivesafe.ly installed and neither of them work now. And most of the ringtones when I try to play them I get an error. My downloaded ones and the BB loaded ones. Only a few of the BB ones work! I did a powered on battery removal restore. Still nothing! What can I do? Is it fixable? Or can I go back to how it was before?
    02-05-11 08:03 PM
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    Try latest .1036 version. It is really stable and bugs free.

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    02-05-11 11:51 PM
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    How do I do that? I got on Desktop Manager and clicked to update and it shows the version I have is the latest available. Will it all start working if I downgrade back to what I had? I just realized last night that my videos are not working either. I am very frusterated. I need big time help. I am sort of clueless here, need step by step help! I wish there was a BB store I could go to and they could fix it. Like they do at the Apple store.
    02-06-11 08:40 AM
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    Try following Link


    Its very easy. I have upgraded all my versions using Apploader. It is really very quick and easy. Just follow the instructions in the lecture.
    02-07-11 03:14 AM
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    you don't need to go anywhere. Just surf this lovely site. You will find perfect solutions to all the problems related to BB's. I hooked on this site much before I bought my first BB. You will find great and wonderful friends around here.
    02-07-11 03:22 AM