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    Hey all,

    My friend and I upgraded the OS on his Curve 8520 today. He was still at 4.0.0.(can't remember the last few digits), and we upgraded him to We downloaded Desktop Manager, synched it, then downloaded the official OS from the BlackBerry website, installed it, restarted the computer, and initiated the installation process.

    The option came up to backup everything, which we accepted before upgrading the OS. Everything went well in terms of installations - no error messages, no loss of connection between the devices or anything.

    When the phone turned back on, though, he had lost his current BBM conversations and emails, as well as his wallpaper being reset (as expected). However, he also lost all of his email, phone and BBM contacts in the process. His MemoPad notes were deleted, as were his games, apps and scheduled events and dates, but his voice notes, pictures and ringtones remained. It's almost like it's pick-and-choose what stayed on the system and what was wiped.

    I'm curious as to why this happened. It seems like the backup didn't register (as I write this, I checked my 9700 backups, and I have them there). When going through Desktop Manager, all of his applications showed in the sidebar, but now no longer do, and the list is entirely unpopulated. In addition, going through AppLoader through Common Files also doesn't work - initially, everything showed, but now it says that nothing can be found, and that list remains unpopulated as well.

    Is there any way to retrieve the phone/BBM contacts, either through Desktop Manager/AppLoader/some form of miracle from the SIM card? He has started to manually rebuild everything (he doesn't [foolishly] have a backup to anything outside of his BB), but this will obviously take lots of time to get back to 100%. Does anyone have a theory as to why the upgrade half-worked?

    Any thoughts or opinions would be greatly appreciated.

    All the best,

    02-05-11 01:16 AM