1. Mighty O's Avatar
    I have a New Curve 8530 that was activated yesterday. The notification for an unread email/text message and i have not unread emailr or text. Please help!!
    02-02-10 06:01 PM
  2. travelingfool's Avatar
    Could it be a BBM message, missed call or a voicemail? Try opening your call log and see if it goes away.
    02-02-10 06:14 PM
  3. Mighty O's Avatar
    tried it and even pulled the battery. no luck
    02-02-10 08:25 PM
  4. JRF_1986's Avatar
    Sometimes its just a missed phone call. Check your messages and if there is a message that says missed call or a contact's name and its in bold letters, then open that.

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    02-02-10 09:03 PM
  5. TrishT's Avatar
    check your saved messages, thats where mine was it was bothering me for 2 days!!!
    02-02-10 09:41 PM