1. nthnc's Avatar
    When I try to delete videos (not all, but most), it takes absolutely forever. I am "in the process" of deleting one now and it's been deleting for about 15 minutes now. Why is it taking so long to delete videos?

    If it matters, this happens with both, videos that have been taken from my BB and videos that have been saved from the internet, BBM, etc.

    While I'm asking, can anyone tell my why it takes so long to boot up after a battery pull? It seems ridiculous that my desktop computer can restart faster than my phone can.

    04-23-10 03:23 AM
  2. denison1g's Avatar
    Its normal for it to take 2-8minutes to boot after a battery pull. And why it's taking 15minutes to delete a video is beyond me, that's not normal.
    04-23-10 03:39 AM
  3. mangcool's Avatar
    That's not normal at all, deleting a video shouldn't take that long. Try deleting the videos using your computer.

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    04-23-10 07:08 AM
  4. papped's Avatar
    Desktop boot speed and smartphone boot speed really have nothing to do with each other...

    They run two completely different platforms.
    04-23-10 01:36 PM
  5. nthnc's Avatar
    Can you think of anything that I can do to fix it? Should I take it in to a Rogers store?
    04-23-10 03:26 PM
  6. papped's Avatar
    It could be a memory card-related issue. How long does it take to copy the same type/size of video to the memory card?
    04-23-10 03:46 PM
  7. nthnc's Avatar
    I've never tried copying a video to the memory card - I'm not sure I even know how to do that.
    04-24-10 01:36 PM
  8. papped's Avatar
    Does that mean you're deleting sample videos of the internal memory then?

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    04-24-10 02:54 PM
  9. Snowbawll's Avatar
    Quit loading your homemade porn movies on your little phone, use your pc, it boots up faster haha.

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    04-24-10 04:50 PM
  10. nthnc's Avatar
    One video is one I took when visiting family last month. Another is one that a friend sent me over BlackBerry Messenger. I've started just deleting one before I go to bed and by the time I wake up, it's deleted.
    04-25-10 05:23 AM
  11. adelineeleanor's Avatar
    yeah, it happens to me everytime i delete a video too. I just do a reboot or battery pull and after that the video is gone.
    04-25-10 06:53 AM
  12. nthnc's Avatar
    I'm finally back at my computer. I deleted through the computer and that will be how I do it from now on. Thanks for all the suggestions.
    04-25-10 05:05 PM
  13. papped's Avatar
    Definitely sounds like a memory card issue with the phone... Maybe the formatting isn't liked or the card compatibility isn't that good

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    04-25-10 05:46 PM
  14. nonamesavailable's Avatar
    I have the same problem with my curve. It seems to be related to if the video is still in use. For example, you can't rename the file in the 'view files' window if the file is on pause or stopped. Close the video first with the menu "Close" option before trying to delete.

    I'm totally new to BB (even mobile Internet) and I gotta say this little blip really frightened me... I thought this new junk is just that - junk, "crash-berry". I guess nothing is perfect... or free, except maybe information.
    07-25-11 05:46 PM