1. kaiser.roll's Avatar
    This has always givin me a problem.
    Checked properties and it says unavailable.
    Just a black screen with sprint logo appears
    Any clue how to update this app?
    Is there a better app out there for tv?

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    07-09-10 09:11 PM
  2. solitaire4now's Avatar
    sadly mine too is like that im checking into the permissions to see if all are correct if not then uninstall reinstall
    07-12-10 05:09 PM
  3. mangcool's Avatar
    Mine did the same thing. It just freezes at the loading screen. A battery pull doesn't usually fix this, but re-installing it surely will.
    07-12-10 09:16 PM
  4. kaiser.roll's Avatar
    How would you re-install Sprint TV?
    07-18-10 04:03 PM
  5. joandrade's Avatar
    How would you re-install Sprint TV?
    If you remove it through Desktop Manager, it SHOULD get pushed back to you.
    07-18-10 04:05 PM
  6. mangcool's Avatar
    How would you re-install Sprint TV?
    High-light the app, hit the menu key, and choose 'Delete'... then it'll ask you to reboot the phone. After rebooting the phone, you'll notice that the icon will still be there, that's just a shortcut in case you want to download it again.
    07-18-10 08:44 PM