1. tinytina330's Avatar
    I received the software update about a week ago but no one else I know received it.
    I let the phone update overnight and when I woke up I noticed a difference in the appearance of my phone and stuff.
    But what I don't understand is now none of my ringtones work, I can't delete them, and when I go to download new ones, the new ones don't play.
    And when I go to my camera, there's no option for changing the setting of the camera. Before it had options for Automatic, Sunny, Night, Fluorescent, etc.
    What happened? And can it be fixed?
    02-11-11 10:53 AM
  2. aawilson's Avatar
    Sorry that's a bummer. If I wireless update I only do it if there is a backup. If you did it this way, you can usually downgrade for 30 days. You should also be able to downgrade using software from blackbery.com and desktop manager. Otherwise you just have to live with the new features. Good luck.
    02-11-11 11:33 AM