1. ukiltmybrutha's Avatar
    I just wanted to eliminate my phone as the cause of this problem. I used to get 5 bars all the way from DC to my home in Central Virginia. One day, it all stopped. Even when I am very close to DC, I go from 5 bars to no bars just like that. How could I rule out the phone as the source of this issue. I really don't have another phone to compare against. I tried a battery pull but no change.

    I am worried that an app that I installed might be killing the signal. Don't know if that is possible.

    01-19-13 08:24 AM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    I don't know of any apps that can affect your signal reception. Your OS version can. If you changed OS versions just before you noticed the problem, I'd suspect the OS. Other than the OS, the explanations are likely hardware-related. Have you dropped your phone? (you could have damaged the antenna) Changed the car that you ride in? (the new car may shield the antenna more effectively) Has your battery life gotten a lot shorter? Does your phone feel hotter than normal? (Both of these are symptoms of the phone having to run at a higher power level to reach the tower. That could be because the phone has an antenna problem, or it could be a tower problem.)
    01-19-13 10:58 AM
  3. ukiltmybrutha's Avatar
    Thanks for your help. I have dropped my phone numerous times.

    I can't remember when it started. Same vehicles etc. Phone runs cool. Battery life is excellent.
    01-27-13 12:31 AM

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