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    I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to sms with (non BBerry users) via BBMessenger. I found out how to add these contacts into my messenger list but when they reply to my test messages, I have to go to the native messenger program to read them instead of just looking at BBmessenger. I've just started using BBmessenger because I hear everyone say how awesome it is, but I don't know my way around it very well yet. I tried looking around for an answer before posting, but no luck. Thanks for any help.
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    03-24-11 05:29 AM
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    In the BBM app, hit Menu>Options and look for something like "Show text messages from linked Messenger contacts".

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    03-24-11 06:11 AM
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    I wish we could have SMS and MMS in the same area. Or should I say grouped for the same contact.
    03-24-11 06:43 AM