1. SamAnnK's Avatar
    I'm a relativily new BlackBerry user (been using it since April or so). Love it and it's great.

    My carrier is Virgin Mobile, has been for a long time. I like their plan, I've never had problems with coverage or anything and the price is really good for me. However, I've run into a problem with AIM and it's forwarding feature.

    My friend tried texting me through AIM to my phone and I never received the message. I've since tried testing it, and don't get the messages. I get regular texts. I have the full AIM app on my BlackBerry, but I don't always have it on, I would prefer to have the AIM forwarding feature.

    I tried signing up my mobile device directly with AIM forwarding, but I never received the confirmation number through the text that was supposed to be sent.

    I used to have a Kyrocera before my BlackBerry and it worked fine with AIM forwarding, always received the texts.

    Has anyone else had this problem?
    06-25-11 03:41 PM