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    I recently created some photos from a couple of vacation videos, and am a little peeved at how they're organized for viewing on my phone.

    I used a numerical naming convention (event 001, event 002, etc.) and when viewed either by accessing the card thru my PC (phone connected) or when card installed directly to PC, they show up in the proper order. However, when viewing on the phone in the folder they're in, they show up in reverse order. This means that to view them in the correct order I have to scroll to the last pic and then view from last to first. Kind of defeats the naming convention I put in place.

    I tried deleting the .dat file for that folder, but it rebuilt in the same fashion as before. Seems like its organizing them by date/time created instead of by name.

    Any suggestions how I can get them to appear in the order I'd like them to, i.e. from #001 to whatever (#282 in this case).
    01-29-11 08:56 AM
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    Go to your media folder and hit the BB button. Scroll down to the picture option and change that to sort by name.

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    01-29-11 01:12 PM
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    Thanks! Looks like if I'd scrolled down further in that menu I'd have gotten to that option...
    01-29-11 01:18 PM