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    Hi everyone [new Blackberry user ]
    I've searched the forums about my issue and the results partly helped me, but i'm still stuck on my main issue.

    Today, I just got my Blackberry Curve 8520, I'm thrilled!
    You see, I have my own wireless internet which i can connect to, But whenever i try to go on the internet without wireless i cannot. I understand about the data plan, or whatever, But i'm on Orange pay as you go, and the dolphin package which gives me unlimited internet access. I thought if i go Pay as you go i don't need a data plan? I'm so confused right now

    I get an error saying 'This is a wi-fi service. Please ensure your device has an active Wi-Fi connection and try again.'

    Must i get a Data plan to go on the internet without connecting to my wireless router?

    Thank you =]

    *From the UK Too
    02-03-10 11:59 AM
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    I think that's the case. On Orange PAYG you pay 5/month for internet access (aka Blackberry Internet Service I think).

    Without it am not sure you can use the internet via Orange GPRS.

    You need to call Orange to set up the service, then it renews every month automatically.

    Hope that's some help.

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    02-03-10 12:04 PM
  3. curtis090's Avatar
    Thank you! I'll do that
    02-03-10 12:14 PM