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    I have a Blackberry 8520 on AT&T. I've had it for a bit and no problems with it. Now tonight I'm not receiving any calls or texts. It says I have service but next to the bars it says "GSM" where it usually says "Edge". If I send a text the status indicator in the top right shows the two arrows and then flashes an "X" but the text says it's sent. If I try to make a call it rings a couple times but then I get the message that says "the customer you are trying to call is not available etc." I have no clue whats going on. Could it be a problem with the SIM or the phone?
    12-21-10 11:41 PM
  2. alexajo89's Avatar
    I forgot to add, occasionally it will switch to Edge and I'll get a ton of texts and then it switches right back.
    12-21-10 11:50 PM
  3. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    It sounds like a carrier issue. I would suggest calling AT&T to find out if there is any tower maintenance in your area. If there is not, you can ask them for a new SIM card.

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    12-22-10 12:56 AM
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    Alright, thanks. I'm guessing it's something with the card cause everyone around me with AT&T is doing fine. I'll try a spare phone before I call AT&T. Thanks again.
    12-22-10 01:29 AM
  5. albee 1's Avatar
    Try a battery pull first. While your at it check your sim card and make sure it is seated completely. Good luck.

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    12-22-10 10:19 AM
  6. Reaccion's Avatar
    Wow... This is exactly what is happening to my BB 8520 right now....
    05-22-11 04:34 PM