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    My curve for example in the applications folder has links to downloads for myspace and facebook and flickr.......and in games tetris and sims 3 stuff like that. I click the link or Icon and it brings to the download screen for the according application. My first question is how do I get rid of those links? can I delete them or do I just hide them. I don't use myspace for example so I don't want the link even on my phone. Sim 3 and tetris would be nice. Do these links offer me the games free or something. Because it just goes to a download screen without asking me to purchase or anything.

    The second question is i'm looking for a few specifc apps. I love streaming radio and Iheart radio is perfect because it has all my local radio stations but it buffers like every 10 seconds and it's annoying. Is there a better program that would help this that still plays real local stations.
    Thanks in advance.
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    People use slacker and pandora for streaming (correct me if I am wrong).

    About those links, they are carrier service books. You can't delete, but you can hide them. The downloads are (mostly) free. If you get the download screen, then just go for it. If the app is trial of full version, remains to be knows.

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    Slacker radio is great for listening to real local radio stations around the country. Pandora is great for streaming internet radio, it is probably one of the best free apps available for BlackBerry.
    Diegonei is correct those preinstalled apps cannot be deleted but you by all means can hide the icons. Just highlight the icon you want to hide press your bb menu button and select hide.

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    I found that Nobex is a good one to use.

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    02-19-10 07:46 AM