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    My bold was lost/stolen and I have replaced it with the curve2 8520 from Rogers. I did make backups of my bold so I assume I can use the device switch in desktop manager, but, will my 3rd party apps that I purchased come over to the curve? If not, how can I get the ones I paid for back without having to pay for them again, is it possible? Thanks.
    11-18-09 01:11 PM
  2. triquetra's Avatar
    I had to do that and I repopulated my bb app world list (just go there, sign in and the menu button gives the option. Somewhere there they want your old pin # which is on the box of the phone u lost. Also go to my acct @ crackberry and login there, there u will find a list of all the paid & free apps u had. There's an arrow to the right of pictured app so just click on the apps u want back. Good luck.

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    07-29-11 09:32 PM