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    Hi I'm new here so be nice n thanks a few wks ago I bought the new curve from boostM so I saw it everything was good n nothing the battery was hlf capacity obviously but the next day when was fully char n I used like 3 I setup everything for save life battery but then isaw that th btry was in a half bars like 50% n say what is happening so I think maybe was for the long use was ok but then I charge again n do the same but this time I just used 1 min just to check something n 50% again n not just that if a visit a new page n its not in moble view the phone reboot by itself with full charge but when come back from reboot the battery appears almost low baterry I used different battrys n still doing the same I hope u can help me its every day I hav to charge it

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    02-10-11 02:57 PM
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    Your battery shouldn't be draining that quick. Since you tried a different battery, and it still does the same thing, you should be able to get a replacement BlackBerry from Boost.
    02-10-11 03:05 PM
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    Thanks for answer, well u see the bttry that I got is new n I had a 8330 its the model of battery n everything n I tested on the old phone n they appear like 30% of capacity but in the 8530 low bttry says. N the with the lowest setting of back light brightness if a youtube vids the settings they don't work n only can hear music only just like that the cell can last the whole day but if I use it a couple of mins start drain the bttry but the os
    Don't do weird things like that I hav the os (bundle 1108, platform maybe could be that what u think

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    02-11-11 10:29 PM