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    My phone's opening up but my keypads, trackpad and keys on the side and top are all unresponsive. And no LED light flashing. I've already done what BlackBerry Help on Twitter told me, but nothing happened. My phone's warranty is already expired so I can't bring this back to my service provider. Some say it's moisture on the keypad? This event happened when I was in a salon. How can I fix my phone?
    01-16-13 09:38 PM
  2. BergerKing's Avatar

    Moisture infiltration can be a real PITA, so here are some tips used by the community to deal with this common problem.
    01-17-13 12:11 AM
  3. rippedvanwinkle's Avatar
    Allow me to chime in here, just on the off chance that your problem wasn't caused by moisture. Like, say, you were bridged to your playbook, and got it stuck in scroll mode. That's the one where you hit alt then left shift and scroll away on the trackpad. To disengage, hit the space bar. Mine didn't diaengage. Did a battery pull. It rebooted with that little box in the upper right corner with the little numbers in it STILL THERE! Most of the keys didn't work. Uh oh... So, I restuffed the OS in there, and smugly waited for it to reboot. It rebooted, and there they were again! Stuffed an earlier OS back in it... Well, suffice it to say, the BlackBerry gods weren't smiling at me that day, they were probably laughing profusely! 2 OSs, same problem. Whodathunkit?? So, just moments before it got its aerodynamics tested, I desperately poked around on the alt, right and left shift keys, and lo and behold, dat little box disappeared! And the clouds parted, the sun came out, the birds were chirping again (too much?). All was well again in BBland. (Well, except for getting the Email restarted, but that's a whole 'nother letter home). So, make sure its not doing this before you test the acceleration of gravity with it. I'm sure glad I did...
    Cheers, one and all... Rippedvanwinkle
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    01-22-13 04:53 PM

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