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    I got the Storm 1, on November 22, 2008 when it came out. I was coming from a pearl, it was a great step-up, the Storm was sexier and techier. However, it had plenty of issues and I was fed up. I then got the Storm 2 in December 2009, which again, was a nice step-up. The Storm 2 also had its issues, namely battery problems and things of the sort. Much needed OS Updates were never brought out, and the phone just never ran at its full potential. After I found out that OS 6 wasn't going to "bless" the phone, I decided to jump ship from big red, and go to MetroPCS and get the 8530. I might add that I was using the latest OS for the Storm 2, and I tried hybrids and leaks for the Storm 1 & 2. I had quicklaunch, and all sorts of other apps to improve performance, in other words, I know what I'm doing, "I ain't no n00b".

    This is why I post here, I honestly am shocked and surprised, but the 8530 runs better than the Storm 1 and Storm 2 ever did. The trackpad is smooth, the UI is great and the battery life is to die for. The call quality is high and everything is working like its supposed to. I am happier with this phone than I was with either Storm, just like I was with my pearl, strong, steady and reliable. Sure the 8530 isn't the greatest looking phone on the BB market, however it is a work horse.

    I have no need or desire to use a hybrid with the 8530, and to be honest I'm hesitant to even load a leak for this phone. On the other hand I remember being excited every time a leak would come out for the Storm 1 or 2, hoping it would fix issues and finally make the phone work like it was supposed to, yet they never did. It was always, "well its better than before".

    Now with my 8530, I am excited to just use my phone, everyday, all day, without worrying about freeze ups, or battery drainage. I can talk for hours, without having a hot brick on my face, that starts beeping that its dieing. I truly am happy.

    So to all the kids out there, get away from the "toy berry" storms, and get yourself the real deal, the "black magic", a qwerty bearing piece of heaven.
    08-25-10 04:17 PM
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    08-25-10 05:05 PM
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    lame. 10char
    08-25-10 10:22 PM
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    I appreciated the post

    Just my 2cents, try a hybrid! I think you will LOVE your device even more with one installed. The browser speed is just fantastic on some builds. Plus, if you don't like it you can always install an official ROM back onthe device if you wish.

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    08-26-10 01:24 AM