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    Hey guys and gals. I been looking around on here reading a lot of post about trouble with the BB 8530 and the 8520. Here is what I think is the biggest trouble of all with most of the phones. People playing around with them. adding new OS to the phones that cant handle them. trying to make a super phone out of them. adding a ton of apps that it cant handle this is a older phone and was not built to take all the new junk out here in the phone world. just because it downloaded to the phone does not mean the OS can run it. Just like trying to run windows 7 on an older windows 85 computer it just will not run it. I have been using a BB8530 for the past 3 years now with out any trouble at all. I never try to run a lot of junk on the phone I use it as a phone and not a game machine or a PC. yea I can load all kinds of junk on it and run most of them but there is going to be a time when it gets all it can take and something is going to go wrong with it. so if you want a new OS with tons of junk then go out and spend the money and get you a phone that is made to handle it. It is all about the money the more you have to spend the more you can have. The phone world is full of free programs and most of them are made by some hacker that just happen to get it working but he did not spend years testing it before putting it out on the market for download. Then we come along and download it and it works then it starts having trouble and who do we turn to for help, no one there is not anyone out there that knows how to fix this over night built program. so watch what you download look at who made it. If it comes from a company that does this for a living then most of the time they want you to pay them for there work, yea there are beta programs out there that company's are testing but they will help you when trouble comes around. But Joe is not going to be around when your phone is locking up and has a white screen on it because joe forgot to add some little something to the deal to help it run better. Just my two cents worth this morning Have a great day.
    04-29-12 08:25 AM