1. shazz012's Avatar
    I'm currently using the BB 8520 and i'm sooooooo annoyed. I've been trying to "locate' my pictures on my phone and no one seem to be able to help me.
    This is my problem: Even tho i have about 15+ pictures sitting on my phone, i cannot seem to "find" it when i try downloading them onto my pc. The BB desk top is no help either. There's no option that allows me to look for the "file"......WHERE ON EARTH do i find or access these "hidden" pics on my memory card?
    03-19-11 09:38 AM
  2. diegonei's Avatar
    Welcome to the forums.

    I expect you to have a SD card in the device. Pictures should be saved there as using the internal memory for this will result in bad eventual performance.

    If you do, plug the device in and when prompted, enable Mass Storage Mode. You'll be able to access the SD in the computer's file explorer.

    Desktop Manager 6 a built in media sync for music, images and videos as shown in the picture below. It can be downloaded from the BlackBerry site.

    In the device, navigate to Applications > Files OR Media > Menu > Explore then go File Folders, you'll be able to see the Media Card and the Device Memory.

    Pictures are stored at:

    /Device Memory/home/user/pictures

    /Media Card/BlackBerry/pictures

    You can use the menu to cut/past pictures from the Device Memory to the Media Card or install Roxio Media Manager from the User tools CD to have access to it on the computer.
    03-19-11 10:48 AM