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    I have a 8530 and would like to see my phone call history grouped. Basically now each call inbound and outbound appear as an entry in my messages folder along with my emails. On my previous BB call that came in would be grouped....for example....1 caller that called 20 times would show up as one entry and yes if I wanted I could see its history and see how many times it called.

    Presently, each call in or out appears....ie....1 caller calls 20 times would have 20 entries.

    The messages folder which also receives my emails is where this is being seen.

    If someone could let me know if there is a setting that I could change to group the calls coming from the same caller.

    Thanks in advance,
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    08-24-10 05:12 AM
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    08-25-10 11:09 PM
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    Hey Alex, welcome to the boards

    I am not aware of a setting to group your calls together. I just looked through all my settings for a double check, and didn't see an option - and never have. :/
    08-25-10 11:17 PM