1. rorza's Avatar
    Recently bought the 8520. was just mucking around with it putting files of different sorts on it then playing them. one particular video played the audio but no picture, so i decided to delete it through the blackberry (while it was still playing in the background), was taking ages due to its size so i plugged it into the PC and deleted it through that.

    now when i go into media it has the deleting.. box displayed and it wont go away.

    i tried switching it on and off but to no avail. do i have to reboot the phone so to speak or is there another way to fix?
    02-19-10 05:30 AM
  2. sedalia066's Avatar
    The usual first step in curing gremlins like that is a battery pull. With the phone turnrd on remove the battery. Wait 60 seconds or so. Reinstall the battery and restart the phone.

    When in doubt pull is the operative word.

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    02-19-10 05:46 AM