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    I have had the Blackberry Curve 8530 with Virgin Mobile since August 2010. It was working fine but after Christmas break I started having some issues. Anytime when I am in my own apartment I cannot send/receive any txts or calls. At first I only had issues with txts and calls but now not even the email, bbm, or other apps are working. I already called the provider but they couldn't really help me.
    Once I step out of my apartment it works just fine, just not inside nor on the balcony.
    My phone shows me that I have 3 bars signal, but I realized that outside or somewhere else the signal says a capital X or XEV and when I am in my apartment it says a small x or xev. Does it have anything to do with it?
    I am really frustrated and don't know what to do. I hope someone here can help me out! Thank you!
    02-20-11 10:09 AM
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    Every service provider will state we do not guarante service in buildings. When I worked for sprint I had to use that line every day. Only thing I can suggest is to connect to wi fi when u r home.

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    02-20-11 01:27 PM
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    Yes, I am aware of that. The thing is that I DO have service and I always have had service. It wasn't perfect but usually I had 2 bars and no problems. And even now it is showing 3 or 4 bars but I cannot receive/send anything. Do you think it still has something to do with the service?
    02-20-11 01:33 PM
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    Probably a tower was taken down in your area. If that's not the case it could be the phones antenna.

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    02-20-11 11:50 PM
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    The one thing I DO know is the 1X EV (upper case) vs. 1x ev or 1x (lower case)

    1X EV (uppercase) indicates full data services available
    1x ev or 1x (lowercase) indicates no data services available.

    This would explain the lack of email. As to why you cannot send/receive txt/voice I would then assume you have either problems with your device's internal antenna or your provider is having tower issues. (as was stated above)
    02-22-11 02:23 PM
  6. Soffich's Avatar
    Thank you for trying to help me but unfortunately this does not really help me
    Wouldn't tower/antenna issues show me "Searching for Network"? The signal shown varies between 1 and 4 bars...
    Any other suggestions? I am really frustrated and don't know what to do!
    02-26-11 12:59 PM