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    Basically, my dad bought me a BlackBerry curve 8520the other day on pay as you go and put my old contract in it (unlimited text, 100 minutes).

    This didn't come with any of the BlackBerry thingies so I went on the T-mobile site and sent a text to 879 to BB1 to add BlackBerry services to my current plan for 5.10

    I got a reply saying 'Thanks for choosing the Blackberry Email booster...etc" and I noticed my GPRS turn big. However, I had no clue what to do. How do I use the service? What do I get? How do I get apps? etcetc so I just left it alone.

    Later in the day, I see the gprs's gone small and I read that if it's small, that means you don't have the services. Why did it go small? And what do I do to use the BB services?

    I am a very confused child.
    01-28-11 04:13 PM