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    I have been searching internet forums and articles for about a week now trying to find out the best way to go about using my old BlackBerry Curve 8530 as a writing tool. Being that I was always a very fast typer with my old BlackBerry's dedicated keyboard combined with the long lasting battery power of the BlackBerry and its small size I thought it would make for a great "pocket-typewriter" alas, to my surprise, I have not been able to find much information on the 'how to' of the topic.

    I would like to be able to use my BB to quickly log thoughts as well as to write out extended ideas and I would then like to be able to somehow sync those files(either through Bluetooth or USB[whatever is more efficient]) to my MacBook to be opened/edited with some sort of mac compatible text application. I have found a few testimonials from people who have written entire books using their BlackBerry but no information on the applications/process they use. I don't think 'MemoPad' is a viable option because it is only designed to log relatively small bits of text and I would rather not have to pay for 'Word To Go'(although i would do so if it is suggested/necessary). So internet... How do? In short, does anyone have any experience or insight to share? Your responses on the subject are greatly appreciated.

    Also if there i some sort of OS mod, etc. that is necessary to achieve optimal results i have no problem with modding being that this is an old phone(not my primary).

    01-20-13 06:04 PM

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