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    i have a BB 8530 and the left half of the screen cant been seen. i want to factory reset the phone but since i cant see where i am clicking, i cant reset it. if i could see the whole screen i would be able to factory reset it and i would not be on here creating this thread. is there a reset button on the device? is there another way to wipe the phone? if by going thru the screens is the only option, can i get some screen shots so that i can do this step by step?
    03-19-11 02:57 PM
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    That would be the only way to retore it. Just back up your stuff.

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    03-19-11 03:09 PM
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    i have nothing to back u;. i cant see the options because they are located on the LEFT side of the screen...which is where i can not see because the screen has been damaged.
    03-19-11 03:35 PM
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    Use http://forums.crackberry.com/f35/crackutil-85617/. It will wipe your phone easily. You must however install Desktop Manager to make CrackUtil work and I strongly advise rading my first post in the thread.

    You can also use BBSAK or JL_Cmdr to do the sme thing.

    I am concerned with your screen problem. This does not sounds like a condition that wiping the phone will help.

    You may have a hardware problem on your hands. If this persists, I reccomend that you return your phone to your carrier for repair under warranty.

    I hope that I am wrong.
    03-19-11 04:24 PM
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    im not wiping the phone to fix the screen. i am going to sell it. i havent used it in a few months. i still have contacts and personal info on it, so i dont want anyone to see it. i know fo a shop where ive taken other phones for new screens. im not concerned about the screen as far as fixing it. i dont know how downloading anything will help my situation. if there is no reset button on the phone (which is kind of dumb because it should for cases like this), then ill figure something out.

    here is a pic of the phone screen

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    03-20-11 12:20 AM
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    Did you not read Pete's post. He gave you options that would not require using the screen on the phone.
    03-20-11 10:08 AM