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    I want the ability to edit my BB contacts from the desktop so I'm attempting to sync them to the Windows 7 (Contacts) address book. When I begin the sync process it reads the contacts from the BB without problem but when it goes to step 2 of the process [Reading from Windows 7 (Contacts) address book] it reads three of the contacts and then displays an error message: 0x80043ac9 and says to check the documentation. I googled the error code and found that others have had the same problem, but the fixes that they suggested didn't work. Has anyone else here received this same error code under the same scenario? I might add that everything else (calendar, music, pictures, video, etc.) syncs perfectly.

    My device: Curve 8530
    Device software version:
    Desktop manager software version: 6.2010 (Bundle 21)

    If anybody can help me figure this out I'll be in Blackberry heaven as I now have everything else customized and working just like I want.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance that you can give.
    02-23-11 04:33 PM
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    Problem solved! I hope that this will prove helpful to someone. The solution to this actually lay in the birthday years listed for three of my contacts--a solution offered on multiple Google searches but one due to the number of contacts that I had I was unable to implement as manual reviews of the contact profiles did not reveal the errant birthdates. Again, on googling, I found a site called Berry Grab: Berry Grab - Open and view your Blackberry IPD file online - Free and Secure . On uploading my backup IPD file here I was able to do a desktop review all of my contacts (a much better option than attempting to do it on the device itself). It was here that I found that three of my contacts had birth years listed of 1000. Upon correcting this (I just changed the year to 2010), backing up my files again, and then resynching, the files synced perfectly!

    I've had this problem from the first day that I've owned my Blackberry and never thought that I'd get it resolved. Having so many contacts made a manual review of them impractical.

    Good luck to others who come along looking for a fix to this!
    02-23-11 06:46 PM