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    I recently acquired a Curve 8520 from a friend who informed me that the trackpad would no longer scroll but would click.

    I purchased a new trackpad from ebay and also a new casing and housing as the present one was a little tatty.

    I fitted the new trackpad to the phone however im still not able to scroll only click, I have tighted the torx screw however it does not seem to want to tighten as I believe the whole inside the keypad casing to which it fastens to has been stretched.

    I have tried placing some additional support under the metal track in order to try and see if I can get a secure connection just to diagnose the port but everything I have tried have left no movement with this port.

    Can anyone recommend any other options in order to try and get the trackpad working, I have done numerous battery pulls, I have also downgraded software in case there was a problem however nothing has worked.

    Could this be a board problem.
    01-12-13 09:42 AM

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