1. tinalovesboston's Avatar
    I cannot save new contacts to my address book. Here is what I do.

    1. Click on the Address Book icon.
    2. Press the 7 dot BlackBerry key, left of the touch pad
    3. "New Contact"
    4. Enter the appropriate information.
    5. Press the arrow back key, right of the touch pad
    6. Blue pop up box reads: "? Changes made!" with three options: Save,
    Discard, Cancel
    7. I highlight and click "Save" and the box disappears as if I hit "Cancel"
    8. I highlight and click "Discard" and the box disappears as it should and I am rerouted to the long contacts list, starting at A
    9. I highlight and click "Cancel" and the box disappears as it should and I remain on the new entry screen

    Why is my "save" function not working? I also tried accessing the "Save" option through the popup menu through the touch pad. Same deal. The blue popup menu disappears as if I hit "discard."

    Thank you in advance for your help.
    08-25-10 01:07 AM
  2. VZWman1987's Avatar
    Try a battery pull or updating the os.

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    08-25-10 01:18 AM
  3. tinalovesboston's Avatar
    I tried using my QuickPull app and a battery pull, same thing. Clicking "save" functions as clicking "discard." I'm going to try an os update. Thank you for the reply.
    08-25-10 02:11 AM
  4. tinalovesboston's Avatar
    I downloaded the version which corrected the "save" problem, but my memo, tasks, and password keeper applications were deleted. So I re-installed these 3 apps using the BlackBerry Desktop Software and restored the data using my old backup files under the old OS. Easy said, easy done. Thank you once again.
    08-26-10 09:06 PM