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    I've had a Curve 8520 for almost one year now and recently, I've been trying to text a foreign friend (I live in France, he lives in Texas). Each time I try to text him, I receive a message from my network's plackage recharge saying the text couldn't be sent and that I had to try again later or recharge my package. I don't really consider the latter since my package had been reloaded just before the first time I tried to text him. After several attempts during five or six days, I tried to call him and my phone gives me the "Authorisation failure" thing. I looked it up and I didn't really get what to do - I'm a complete rookie with phone stuff. So apparently one of those options is that the phone is either stolen or lost, but it doesn't state which phone, mine or my friend's? Cause if it's mine, I'm perfectly sure I bought it.

    Anyway, I also tried the Restrict my identity/show my number trick, it didn't work. I don't know what to do anymore, and the thing solely happens with my foreign friend's number, not with the others. So it probably has to do with the fact it's a foreign number, but I know nothing about how it works.

    That's all the more weird since this summer, I could text/call someone in Canada with the same phone and same network, and nothing particularly important happened to my phone inbetween, not that I'm aware of anyway. Any idea of what it could be? :/

    12-10-12 11:03 AM

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