1. darnez's Avatar
    Hi, I am very confused?! so apologies if this post seems ultra thick. I have been looking for free golf range finder software but none of those I have downloaded work - suddenly it dawned on me that according to my phone's spec the Curve 8520 DOES NOT have GPS, so I' guessing that's what is wrong. However, in reading the background to a software called 'Swing by Swing' it says that 'supported devices' include the Curve 8520!? Can somebody please clarify the position for me. Thanks.
    06-28-11 05:44 AM
  2. rroyalty's Avatar
    I have this app and it works very well (with the 8530), but you are right that it does need GPS. The only way it would work with the 8520 is if you use a bluetooth GPS puck.
    06-28-11 11:28 AM
  3. darnez's Avatar
    Thanks for that.
    06-30-11 05:27 AM