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    Hello everyone! I'm having some trouble with my BB Curve 8530, so I thought I would post about it to see if someone had any idea's. Here are all the facts:

    About a week ago my BB started being very picky as to when it would charge (when I would plug it in it would charge for X amount of time, then would stop charging and I would have to unplug and plug it in again, or it would just randomly start up again. I also used a different charger for a night (a bold charger) a few nights before this problem started. The charger has been loose in my port since I got my phone (About 18 months ago). I've already had to replace the battery, and got the new one in November (initial battery lasted 15 months).

    Though my phone was being picky, all seemed fine - until this morning when I woke up and found my phone completely dead, and now will not turn on. When I plug it in it will *SOMETIMES* flash the red light (slowly & long), and the "charging battery" symbol will also appear sometimes (empty battery with yellow lightening bolt, black background). I've tried 3 different chargers and all have same result.

    I was looking for opinions on what the issue is with my phone. I think it could be either

    a) the battery (though it was just replaced).

    b) the charging port is broken. I drop my phone a normal amount, so it could have been broken by myself accidentally.

    or it could be something else.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, please offer your solutions!
    04-22-12 02:32 AM
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    your charging port is loose. happened to me with me 8300. a replacement port should solve your charging problems. also try not to use chargers with higher amperage and wattage ratings as they decrease the longevity of the battery while charging it. use the recommended one (try for an original and not the oem travel chargers).

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    04-22-12 08:04 AM
  3. T
    Not sure if your model has the contacts on the back, but if it does, you could get a charging cradle/dock for it. It would save a lot of (daily) wear and tear on the mini/micro usb port. You could then save that port for backups/transfers, etc (after you fix it if possible or if you want).
    04-22-12 08:10 AM