1. nsmall7's Avatar
    help! i have a curve 8530. i've had the phone for over a year and am just now having my first issue (that i couldn't fix). so as of about 3 days ago i can't send pics via mms. it shows on the list as sent and everything is fine but no one ever receives them. i can upload to facebook, twitter, and send thru email. i can receive mms just fine. but if i reply to an mms the reply is never received by the original sender. i noticed on another thread similar to this that someone said to check the service books. my mms transport does not have an ip address. it just has zeros. is this my problem? the mms client has an ip address which matches most all the other service book ip addresses. please help! i use the mms feature ALOT and its killin' me not being able to send out a pic!

    07-25-11 05:12 PM
  2. feces#CB's Avatar
    After a battery pull, go to options>mobile network then push the blackberry key next to the center scroll key and choose (update profile) from drop down list. After its finished you should be good.
    07-26-11 11:30 AM