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    This is driving me nuts!!! Got a message yesterday on my curve 8530 from Blackberry re. update available. Tried to download and install and the usual happened. The usual being: as soon as I start the download, the BB update seems to delete my current browser (FF) and replace it with BB Browser - I don't want that!!! And, as a result, my e-mail is unable to connect, my wi-fi disappears and I have to reload it etc.....

    This happens every time I dl an update to the OS.....does anyone know why? Or what I can do to prevent this - total disruption of most of my most important settings....

    many thanks for any help
    02-05-11 01:04 PM
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    Next time you update, follow the procedure in this guide:

    How to Upgrade Your BlackBerry's OS Using App Loader

    Best way to do it. And do remember to make a backup, just in case.
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    02-05-11 03:22 PM
  3. tuni71's Avatar
    thanks - I will try....have been awfully frustrated and the problems occur EVERY time there is an upgrade. I will try this method and let you know. Many thx
    02-06-11 09:39 AM
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    Whoops, I have an iMac - will this OS update guidance work on a Mac?
    02-06-11 12:26 PM
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    Whoops, I have an iMac - will this OS update guidance work on a Mac?
    No, not really. You'll have to use Desktop Manager (BlackBerry Desktop Software) for Mac... I never liked using it thou... AppLoader does the job faster/better if you ask me.


    Either that or: a) borrow yourself a PC; b) run Windows on your Mac.

    02-06-11 07:16 PM