1. Adnan Pathologist's Avatar
    hi, i have BB curve 8520 and im facing non-stop reboot issue till the battery is inserted, cell is not connectable via BB desktop software, and after trying to update it via AppLoader i found the following issues as in attached pix... at certain stage of updating its gives error

    Blackberry curve 8520 non stop reboot issue-1.png
    Blackberry curve 8520 non stop reboot issue-2.png
    Blackberry curve 8520 non stop reboot issue-3.png
    Blackberry curve 8520 non stop reboot issue-4.png
    Blackberry curve 8520 non stop reboot issue-5.png
    04-06-14 04:07 AM
  2. Adnan Pathologist's Avatar
    Cell keeps on doing like this in video.... even while updating OS and it never stops until battery is inserted.

    04-06-14 05:56 AM

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