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    I unlocked my Blackberry using unlockmyblackberry's instructions (thanks ). The phone seem to have been unlocked as I could see the service provider's name and full signals but I am unable to make/receive any calls. When I reboot the phone, I see the logo of the service provider the phone was locked to. What seems to be the issue here !

    Furthermore, when I try to connect to wireless the phone reboots. I am just not able to connect to wireless, can someone help me address these issues please !

    Cheers !!
    01-16-13 03:36 PM
  2. anthonemorris's Avatar
    the boot logo doesn't change when the phone is unlocked. if the phone reboots continuously while connecting to wifi, then thats a software problem with the BB and i would recommend an os reload/upgrade. as far as not being able to make and receive calls, first contact your service provider, then try an os reload/upgrade as that usually takes care of most if not all problems. be sure to back up the data u don't want to lose

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    01-18-13 08:28 AM

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