1. Dani800's Avatar
    Ok, so i'll try to explain it easily.
    My blackberry got a little wet with sea water(I've put it in my swimsuit after bathing), it was working after a while, but after 30 mins or so, it wasnt starting, i got off the battery and dried it the past day, now its working perfectly.
    Excepting the Wi-fi, it have so much problems when trying to connect to any wi-fi network, problems which it didnt have, so, my question is.
    Is there anyway to remove the watermarkers and get the warranty again?(The watermarker on battery is white, and the other two are not totally red, they are white in some parts and red in others, but i think it would be enough to void warranty)
    If i remove the 2 in-phone watermarkers will it void warranty?(Battery one is completely white, so checking this one would make them think it didnt even touch water, as it really didnt do, it have just been in a wet place for about 30 mins)
    04-27-12 10:26 AM
  2. Fubaz's Avatar
    you can buy aftermarket water stickers on ebay

    what youre doing isnt right, but its your karma.

    good luck
    04-27-12 10:41 AM