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    Hi, all.

    I promise I searched the forums before posting, but I can't seem to find anyone else who's had the same problem. First off, I have:

    Phone: BB 8530
    Service: Sprint

    I upgraded from the OS it came with about two weeks ago, and it's been uneventful except for one maddening problem. I use predictive text for input, and ever since I updated the OS, I've noticed an occasional glitch. The best way I can describe it is, let's say I'm typing the word "driving". If I type out d-r-i-v-i the predictive feature will show in highlighted font the entire word "driving". So when I click the trackpad button to accept this suggestion, it will occasionally fill in the full word AND bring up the menu, highlighting the "send" option.

    It's as if I click the trackpad button twice.

    It sounds like a hardware issue, but it never happened with the old OS, and it only happens occasionally now. It's irritating as **** when it does, because I then have to click the escape key to get rid of the stupid menu so I can continue typing.

    Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone have a suggestion? I'm considering reverting back to the old OS, though I'd like to try everything else first.

    Thanks in advance!

    08-21-10 11:34 AM
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    I have never heard of this issue before. It sounds like something went glitchy when you installed the OS. If it is bugging you this much, I would try to reinstall that same OS again - I would imagine it is just a fluke. But then again, reverting back is an option as well. It's up to you - but I think it just happened during install.

    Welcome to the Forums, Joe
    08-21-10 12:39 PM
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    Thanks, Nathan!

    I've never tried to re-install before. Obviously, it won't update to a OS that's already on the phone. How does one re-install?
    08-21-10 01:34 PM
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    Follow the last part of the link in the bottom of my signature called "how to recover a nuked blackberry". They cover how to reinstall the OS. post if you have any issue's - we would love to help you.
    08-21-10 07:10 PM
  5. Slow Joe's Avatar
    Thanks for the help, Nathan. I've tried everything, including 'recovering a nuked blackberry". I'm still having the issue. I can only assume it's a hardware issue. I guess I need to go to Sprint and gripe until I get a new one. Maybe if I complain loud enough I'll get a new Bold.
    08-26-10 02:03 PM
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    You could try that - but I highly doubt they will give you a new phone. It truly does sound like a software problem to me. Predictive text isn't a hardware function. Maybe ask them to reinstall the software for you - so they know it's done right. If it still isn't doing the right thing, than you may have a case for a new phone - since they know it was done "right" because they did it.

    Just a thought
    08-26-10 02:12 PM
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    I'm also running .654 on my Sprint 8530 and I also have that problem. It happens so quickly that I've been blaming it on my thumbs hitting the wrong button. It also happens when I'm typing in a textbox while using the browser. The menu will pop up while I'm typing and before I know the page will refresh bc I hit the "r"

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    08-26-10 02:14 PM