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    Okay, I just moved to england for military purposes. So I needed a new bb. Had and 8530 thru sprint and now have an 8520 thru vodafone uk. This phone is crap compared to my cdma curve. I don't know why but the screen res looks shoddy. Backlighting is not as bright and OS 4.6!?!? Really!!?? This is absolutely ridonkulous. I only got this because the Bold was out of stock and the pearl was insanely expensive. This was free if I pay 35$ a month minimum. (Mmm cheap). I'd figure I'd have as much fun with this as I did my sprint curve but no. I can't even get Pandora because of the country. :,(

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    08-25-10 03:26 PM
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    The screen res is the same. You can put 5.0 on it, backlight is a setting. Pandora because of the country is not the 8520's fault.
    08-25-10 03:30 PM
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    And thank you for your service to the USA.
    08-25-10 03:30 PM
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    I know the screen is the same but my 8530 looked sharper. I held them side by side with the exact same wallpaper. And the bumped up my backlight to 100 with auto BL turned off. And I was more meaning the keys. And I know pandora isn't the bb fault. It just sucks. Lol. And your welcome.

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    08-25-10 03:41 PM