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    lol, so I've had this same phone since like a year and a half ago, or at least the same model, because I got a replacement sent from VM at no cost after my other one randomly offed itself :P The original charger it came with, after not even 2 months, broke... like out of nowhere, the micro connector just kind of fell out! So basically ever since then I've been playing games with chargers because they always seem to cause problems! When that first one broke I got a USB-wall adapter, and the "adapter" part of it lasted like two weeks or something, then wouldn't charge the phone. Kept telling me that there isn't enough power, or that the device couldn't connect, or there was some error with the power supply... so I started just plugging a USB into the adapter since computers take a century to charge a battery that hardly lasts much longer than the charge time... haha. That worked for the longest time so far; at least 2-3 months, but then the usb ones started doing the same thing: suddenly started getting all screwy and eventually wouldn't even charge the phone anymore...

    Last fall I spent about 30 bucks on a 7-in-1 USB cable where only the connectors are swapped out on either side. That lasted another good 2 months, then the microUSB from that cable suddenly stopped charging my phone too! Got a microUSB A/C "travel" charger at radioshack, which the dude said is universal and is okay to use in a blackberry.. .that lasted like a day, maybe a day and a half. Same problem. Started using a spare OEM USB cable I found lying around (I think my phone did come with two...), either in a computer port or in a usb-wall adapter. Suddenly, NO microUSB cable would charge my phone!!

    My roommate at the time had a Droid, with the same cable, and he also was having trouble getting it to charge, but plugged it into his laptop and out of nowhere it starts rebooting. It took forever -- as in, all night -- and then in the morning, even though we both saw it say it was charging, it was only about 2/3 of the way....

    Ever since then, in angry desperation one day during my winter break I decided to try to "fix" one of the original USB cables (which at this point, both weren't working.) I took some sort of pin I think it was lol, and tried to flatten out all the pins in the connector in case that was the issue -- even though if those pins are more like a Brillo Pad than what they are supposed to be, I'd think more people would be as resentful as I've become by now, towards microUSB technology. Especially considering I had no such problem with several mini's over several years... anyway, whatever I did, seemed to have worked. However I recently misplaced my one remaining functional USB charger... LOL. So I bought a T-Mobile travel charger, also with several different connectors, because I needed something that didn't take 5 hours, and that's what was accessible.

    This past weekend, it seems that now this A/C cable is screwing up the charging as well! I've gotten a few of those error messages, but most of the time the charging icon will just go away, so for all I know it could be sitting here plugged in right now, LOSING power...

    I'm on a Mac now, and I keep getting popup messages telling me not to "eject a disk" the way I did (meaning, moving the phone and it disconnects from the computer.) So now I'm worried about the usb cable -- well, actually, I'm worried about the wall adapter as well, but the USB ones right into a computer clearly have a more reliable track record here :P Because if I can't get a usb connection to...well..connect...then I'm screwed. Again....

    So my point is, it sounds to me like every time I've replaced the original A/C cable with a new "universal" one, the latter seem to somehow screw up my phone's connectivity.

    Is this all just down to design flaw, or is something kind of a little fishy about all these charging issues I've been having? I've seen many posts about chargers not working, but I don't think a single one of them described it happening this many times...

    EDIT: Should add, my sister-- who is only 16 and has had the same phone for almost the exact same amt. of time and so she wasn't even 15 at the time -- somehow makes it seem I must be barbaric with the way I treat electronics, because as far as I know she's not yet had this problem once! So a 14-16 year old is that more a responsible adult than I am? LOL. (I'm 22, fwiw.) it makes no sense to me, because I can't possibly be so barbaric with my stuff when I'm always wondering when I see things other people do, how they can be so careless....
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    Sounds more like the charging port being at fault rather than the cables. You've been through too many cables for it to be the cables alone. I'd recommend a replacement charging port, because it sounds like a problem I had with my 8300. It fell and the solder shifted as well as the position of the pins. Replaced the port and was good as new. Usually happens when your BB falls a lot. If it has then maybe your sister has a point. Just saying try checking if a resoldering of the port works or a replacement will be in order. Hope this helps
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    I've been wondering that as well....what doesn't make sense to me though, is if it's the port, why would it be an issue almost exclusively with A/C chargers? I don't think a USB charger (via wall or computer) has ever given me this issue... with the exception of some of the incidents with the A/C ones, where I'd then have the same issue regardless of what type of charger I used. lol.

    It's annoying, really, because I've been through so many A/C chargers, and I've been back to using my laptop lately....not so much fun when I have to charge it overnight, as sometimes my laptop will just shut down even though I'm pretty sure I've changed the settings so that it doesn't...sometimes I wake up with a dead/dying/resetting phone. And the USB cords are also much shorter...and of course take longer to charge the phone... but that's the only way the thing doesn't randomly stop charging on me! lol
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