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    I have a 8530 on sprint and would like to have the option to change the prl when needed without a pc when I am in an area where sprint is very weak. In these areas I drop calls and data and it switches back and forth from roaming to home and kills the battery. The phone does not have an option to select roam only or I would do that instead. I have a verizon prl that I have tested that works great in the areas where my sprint signal is very weak but I am limited on the ammount of data and minutes I can use roaming on verizon. It is a pain to keep using the pc to load a new prl every time. I would like to load the verizon prl on nam 2 and switch to it when needed but my phone does not have a nam 2 programming anywhere I can find. I think the metro pcs 8530 does because I have seen some posts about programming that phone and they have mentioned nam 2. I used to switch to nam 2 on an old motorola e815 I had on alltel that was super slow when tethering on the current prl but with an older prl it would work fine at evdo speeds so I would switch it to tether on nam 2 and back to nam 1 when finished tethering and never had any more problems. I wish there was a way to activate a nam 2 on this phone or load a stored prl file saved on the sd card without a pc or switch it to roam only when needed. Any ideas?
    01-29-13 10:12 PM

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