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    Ive Seen Loads Of Posts Asking For A Fix To The 8520-30 Trackpad Problem Well Here Is The One I Used To Fix Mine, Remove The Battery&Sim And Then Remove The Silver Plat Which Covers The Back Of The Trackpad, If You look To The Left Of The Back Of The Phone You Should See A Few Pins Connecting The Trackpad To The Phone, Just Press These In Ever So Slightly And There Is The Method I Used To Solve My Problem
    03-28-10 05:50 PM
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    Nice to know there is a method to fix it thanks for sharing!

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    03-28-10 06:17 PM
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    Good post. Nice to know if I ever run into a problem with my trackpad.
    03-28-10 07:28 PM
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    I used this fix, in fact have went so far as to remove the pad and clean it completely, as there are a number of videos on that repair. Throw-back from trackball cleaning I suppose. After securing the connection again I would be good for 12 to 24 hours and it would start to freeze again.
    After a great deal of research on this and have likely tried every suggested solution without lasting success.
    Three days ago I changed my screen/keypad setting for the trackpad from silent to audible. I have not had a single freeze since.
    Please post if this works for someone else. I am hoping this is not just a fluke.
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    06-13-10 06:12 PM
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    Here is a quick video I made on how to fix it.

    06-25-10 05:30 PM
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    Hi all
    @ abd2193
    How did you do that? and specially, how do I do it if my trackpad isn't working?
    (Absolute newbie here, my sis bought un unlocked 8520 for me on ebay and my other sis brought it back to my country for me a week ago: if i don't find a fix i'm screwed)
    09-06-11 10:26 AM