1. robjbw's Avatar
    just got my blackberry 8520. But my understanding is that its supposed to me solid built into the device. But I find that when i scroll up or down using my thumb on the pad, it moves a bit up or down (depending the direction im moving my thumb). Does not happen from left or right scrolls. Is this normal??? Anyone with an 8520 can confirm this, Supposed to do this or supposed to be solid built into the device with pad not moving at all. I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT PRESSING THE PAD DOWN. But scrolling the pad up or down slightly moves a bit up or down the pad. Thanks.
    01-26-10 06:57 PM
  2. Nalinith's Avatar
    Yes, a slight wiggle is normal.
    01-26-10 07:00 PM
  3. JRF_1986's Avatar
    Mine is actually kind of loose. Same, up and down, but not right and left. Not sure if its normal. Not that much a problem though. As long as it doesn't get stuck under the housing.

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    01-26-10 07:03 PM
  4. robjbw's Avatar
    Just want to find out if it is normal cause if its loose and its not supposed to be, who knows, might fall off later on. Thanks for the replies.
    01-26-10 07:05 PM
  5. papped's Avatar
    Normal if it moves very slightly when scrolling up/down.
    01-26-10 07:10 PM
  6. 04stx's Avatar
    It is in fact supposed to move a little bit. It doesn't have a tight tolerance, if it did you would have to press the trackpad straight down and that would suck. Since it has play in it you can click at many angles. If it is sloppy then you have an issue.

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    01-27-10 12:35 AM
  7. Doxiedad's Avatar
    My 8530 does the same thing. Pretty sure it's normal.

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    01-27-10 05:27 AM
  8. joandrade's Avatar
    My Curve 8520 does the same thing (two months old). Kinda wished RIM had put the trackpad in the same piece as the Call/End buttons. It would look much more solid. But yes, it's pretty normal.
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    01-27-10 10:10 AM